Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

Saumu Mbuvi is one happy girl, not just because she comes from a wealthy and flamboyant family, but also because two months ago she became a mother to a cuddly baby girl.

The rich kid is the first born to Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko and at some point, was labeled as the controversial daughter back when she was much younger and hungry for fame

Saumu Mbuvi welcomed her baby girl in March 2017 which was a great joy to her, the family and close friends, but sadly, things didn’t work out with her baby daddy Benson Gatu.


The lovebirds separated after Saumu found out that the political aspirant was having an affair with none other than a daughter of a politician.

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Sonko’s daughter them moved out and returned to her dads home, where she got massive support from her stepmother and sisters.

The family has been a great support for the new mom, with her father professing love for his grandchild on live camera, where he also revealed that he had forgiven her baby daddy who somewhat used her for his own ambitions.


Saumu Mbuvi has since moved on to focus on motherhood and so far, she’s doing very well at it, and other than that, her sisters are also very proud aunts who have expressed their love and fondness for the little angel.

Her second sister Salma Mbuvi likes to spend a lot of time with her niece and in a recent post, Saumu showed how caring her sister is as she nursed the infant, rocking her while taking a morning walk.

Check out the photo of Salma Mbuvi taking her aunty duties very seriously. How cute!


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