Sonko’s a Happy Grandfather! Saumu Mbuvi Finally Unveils Her Daughter’s FACE To The World (PHOTOS)

Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has for once shared a lovely photo of her daughter after months of keeping her away from the public eye.

The flamboyant lass has been keeping her personal life very private after breaking up with her baby daddy Benson Gatu, who cheated on her with another politician’s daughter.

The former JKUAT University graduate welcomed her bundle of joy, baby Sasha in March 2017 after revealing that she had dumped the man who was only using her for his political ambitions, and it looks like she’s moving on very well.


Saumu Mbuvi moved back to her parent’s Runda home, where she has been living with her siblings, Salma and Sandra Mbuvi and their adopted brothers Satrin and Gift Osinya.

Sonko’s Second-Born Daughter Is The Best Aunt Ever. See How She Is Nursing Saumu Mbuvi’s Daughter

Saumu can’t get over her daughters cuteness and chubbiness and at three months old, she’s growing up too fast. Though Saumu and her baby daddy don’t see eye to eye, they have been mature about things and are co-parenting well so far.

During a recent interview, Saumu’s father Sonko, who ‘s the Jubilee nominee for the Nairobi Governor seat, revealed that he loves his daughter despite her ignoring his warning about Benson Gatu.


He even confessed that he has forgiven his daughters baby daddy despite what he did to his daughter, and the beef seems to have been buried for now.

Now that everyone is happy, Saumu has decided to share a photo finally revealing her daughter’s full face. Sasha is still very young so it’s hard to tell who she has taken after, but there’s no doubt that she’s very cute.

Check out the photos below. She’s just too cuddly.






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