Mike Sonko with his late father

Sonko’s teary Father’s Day message gets Kenyans talking

Say whatever you will about Nairobi governor Mike Sonko but one thing that most can agree about is that he wears his heart on his sleeve.

Added to that the man isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with his supporters and Kenyans in general. Yesterday the politician shared a touching Father’s Day post that spoke memorably about his late father Gedion Kioko Mbuvi Kivanguli.

His message was accompanied by photos of the final resting place for his late dad, surrounded by family and friends.

Mike Sonko at his father's grave-site
The Nairobi governor at his father’s grave-site


Sonko dedicated the day to his late father who stood by him through various challenges in life an always helping him out.

“I dedicate this special day to my late Father Gedion Kioko Mbuvi Kivanguli, whenever I was stranded, he was there for me to help me out.” Sonko wrote.

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Sonko also narrated how his dad had been a father figure to many writing;

“I take this opportunity to thank God for making me a father figure to many… To the rest of the Fathers in Nairobi, May the Almighty God bless you and the work of your hands for also being fathers to many people.” He added.

Mike Sonko at his father's gravesite
The Nairobi governor at his father’s gravesite
It is no secret that Sonko had a humble beginning before the money and fame with the politician starting out as a hustler in Mombasa; and being an ambitious man with a vision, before working his way to the top.

Sonko and his late dad were very close, with the governor attributing his success to him on numerous occasions. His mum, Saumu Mukami Mbuvi, passed on 21 years ago.

Mike Sonko
The Nairobi Governor

Gedion passed away on 6th September 2015 while Sonko was the then Nairobi senator. He was buried in a coffin encrusted with gold and diamond fakes.

It was carried by a convoy of more than 60 top-of-the-range vehicles and 10 outrider motorbikes.

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