Am your son not a baby! Top 4 Conditions Kanze Dena’s Son Gave His Mom On His 12th Birthday

Citizen TV’s Kanze Dena is one proud mother who doesn’t shy away from sharing her family life with her adoring fans on social media.

The beautiful TV siren wowed her followers when she took to Instagram to share a list of conditions which her son, Amani laid down to her as he turned twelve years old.

As every teen growing up, there are things that our parents do out of love and care but back then we used to find them annoying or ’embarrassing’ since we thought we had outgrown them. For Amani, nothing is different.

According to Dena, her son woke up all excited after turning 12 and as a pre teen, he did not feel the need of being hugged severally, his mom being in control of his wardrobe as well as he no longer saw the need of being called baba or baby.

Read Kanze Dena’s post below.


Amani: ” Mum am officially 12 today a ‘PRE TEEN’ and some things need to change.. 1. No hugging hugging all the time.
2. Don’t call me baba/baby etc call me by name
3. I would like to have Control of my wardrobe… 4. Please allow me to have opinions and make decisions…. Am your son …but not a baby… Me: Sigh!

How fast he has grown… I can only thank God for thus far we have come…and I continue to profess Isaiah 11: 2 – 5 upon your life

Kanze later posted a photo of the duo together thanking her online family for the positive birthday messages showered to his loving son.

The post read,

Thank you all for the birthday wishes to PRE TEEN… Thank you for the encouraging words on following the Terms and conditions of this New season.. All I have to say in my defense “Nilikubeba tumboni mwangu for 9 months.. wewe ni baba/baby Forever’…( isn’t that every mothers best defense line/blackmail line.. 😂😂😂)..
But I will support your new season ili usije kusumbua mtoto wa wenyewe in future.. 😂 …” Mbarikiwe wapendwa… Happy Sunday.. Lots of love


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