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‘Something was missing in my life,’ Avril speaks about dating this one person

Singer Avril has for the first time opened up about her love life.

Well, in a recent interview, Avril explained how hard it was for her to accept a man in her life.

Avril says that the death of her father made her not trust anyone and before she accepted her baby daddy into her life, she had to question and be sure that he was the right man for her.

In the interview on Adelle Onyango’s podcast, Legally Clueless, the mother of one says she locked out many who wanted to date her.

Avril posing
Avril posing

“I questioned every person who came into my life claiming to love me. I locked out so many people.

I think grieve gives you so much, it is like a sieve because you are very conscious of anyone coming into your life and the reason they are coming into your life.

She added that she locked herself into a space where she didn’t want any human interaction.

“To a good EXTENT it helped me. its so weird but it fueled me back into the industry and that is when I did so much work and then again,” she said.

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It was then she realised that something else in her life was missing.

 “I wanted something else away from my career. I decided to Date this one person.

I do have someone, I have a love interest in my life right now and we have a beautiful son but still, I go back to questions so much,” she added.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

Because of the character she developed of questioning, Avril says many are the times she quarrels with her baby daddy.

“I keep on questioning so much about even the love, care, concern, how someone can just be unconditional with you. How does unconditional love works, how does one love without conditions?

I am understanding that through the love that I have for my son, I can say he broke a very expensive vase that I have had since my dad passed on,” she said.

Avril has for long been rumoured to be in a relationship with music video director J Blessing. The two are said to be madly in love.

After months of keeping their relationship a secret, singer Avril came out to publicly declare her love to music director J Blessing, on his birthday this week.

Avril posted on Instagram a series of pictures capturing her and J Blessing.

The pictures were all accompanied by sweet messages.

“Happy Birthday . Thanking God for you ,” wrote Avril.

Avril with J Blessing
Avril with J Blessing

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