‘If something happened to me,’ Read Zari emotional message to her ‘chosen one’

Zari Hassan has penned an emotional message to firstborn Pinto, saying he is responsible enough to take care of his siblings even when she will not be there.

Pinto is the firstborn son of Zari with his ex-husband the late Ivan Ssemwanga.

The mother of five proudly celebrated Pinto referring to him as an angel sent to her by God.
She wrote;

“I’d seen love and but when I had you I felt and experienced something different; Real love. Today if something happened to me, I know with all my heart you’d take care of the situation. Today, I celebrate you; Your different, you’re chosen, you’re God’s angel/God’s greatest. I love you to the moon, Mars to the moon to mention a few.”

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Zari with her son Pinto
She added;
“Gona leave this here in case mummy is no more just know mummy knew from day 1, you will be MVP, world’s greatest. I love you, and no, mummy aint going soon but sometime later😜I LOVE YOU @pinto.tlale #FirstSon #FuturePresudent.”

Pinto was named the deputy president of the school he studies in a few days ago as well as the most disciplined student in the school.

Excited Zari shared the news with her fans on her Instagram page.

“My baby (coughs I meant boy) out here making mama proud. He is Deputy Head of school come 2021 and also awarded disciplined kid. So proud of you son @pinto.tlale Class of 2020 St Albans,” She wrote.

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