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Someone rated African foods and people explain why they’re offended



Can you check off  your list how many African foods you have sampled? Someone on Twitter seems to have and has shared his ranking of African Food. Kenyans food, maybe ugali? is in the sixth position.

The internet had a hilarious comeback after this ranking of African foods.

Best African Food power rankings
1) Somali
7)South African
10) Zimbabwean

Twitter users are giving their thoughts and most are unhappy

Seriously! somali food that nobody in the world knows anything about!

Senegalese food is elite, Somali not even top 5 sorry not sorry

Ayyy somali food is the best wallahi

Ummm excuse me where’s Cameroon we’re literally called “Africa in miniature” for a reason!

Sorry but Kenyan n tanzi food is acc the same

What foods do NIgerian people eat? I know y’all have fufu and jollof.

You tripping, Sierra Leonian food ain’t even on here

WTFFFFFF moroccan food is the best food in the whole world

Must not have tried Liberian food


Are you on drugs? Were you loved as a child? Bastard child of no father! Kenyan ugali takes 4 business days to digest. Tell me how they’re ranked higher than us?

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