‘Someone come to my aid’ Jamby Koikai pleads her desire to learn crocheting

Jahmby Koikai has been int he US receiving treatment for Endometriosis which she has been suffering from since her school days.

Long hospital stays can be boring and as we all know necessity is the mother of invention, thus one has to think of creative ways to fight boredom.

Well a few weeks ago Jahmby Koikai announced to her fans that she had decided to pick knitting as her way of therapy,. She wrote

“Greetings fam. Therapy has been a treacherous journey and sometimes an enjoyable one. I’m healing every part of my body. My brain is re-wiring. I’m learning and re-learning things. To challenge myself, i want to teach myself how to knit. Knitting is intricate and quite involving. I’m ready to learn, make the mistakes, miss the loops and make it better. I’ve dealt with pain for too long and that trauma has affected me. This happens to most of us who suffer from chronic diseases. I’ll take up this challenge😊.. I’ll knit.”


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We were looking forward to seeing how good her knitting skills have become, unfortunately she hasn’t been successful and is now asking for help in this funny post.

“I’ve been trying to knit…..woi those youtube videos ain’t helping…nilikwama hapo kwa trying to make a knit slot…i think I’ll just enroll for a knitting class😂😂😁😁😁
Who can teach me? Niko na some beautiful uzi and some strong crotchets lol. I don’t want to stress mum with my slow learning lol….sasa ntaenda tu class na ntakuwa pro😊”

njambi Koikai

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Here are comments from her fans offering to help,

naomikarwitha…knitting or crocheting?which one are you doing?For crocheting come over for some lessons

[email protected] …I’m starting with crotcheting haki ntakuja classes

alegolulu…Grown girl sports-come for classes for both mami.Love the [email protected] …yesssssss love najua wewe ni pro sana. How i wish you taught me in USIU…

[email protected]… tutapanga ukirudi mtaani love.You are a sharp cookie,you’ll learn fast.

[email protected] …oh yes love…i miss you dearly ntakuletea uzi kutoka huku…great and awesome variety

[email protected]_run …noooooo you lie!!!!! Issa date. I have tonnes of uzi!!! Bring yourself na story za SF

marie_m3…Pole Pole tu.. Utajua

babbiekabae…I love knitting and crocheting…. I can do some styles, Mum’s sister is a pro… learned from the best. It’s so more

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