Some men think “wife material” is a lady who loves broke men

Dear classic 105 fam, what is your perfect description of a wife material.

A discussion on a viral Twitter thread declaring that ‘The problem with men is they think wife material is a lady who loves broke guys’ has gone viral, with many saying the view is highly skewed. Do you agree?

Truth be told, if men had a choice, yu would have 2 women, wife material who has overall say in all the family affairs then 2nd wife wekuenda naye party weekend.

You need to change the cohort of men you hang out with. Have you tried an introspection?
Besides, it’s rational for women to prefer men who earn their income as opposed to those who just have money.

Sometimes it takes a lady with courage and vision to alighn ‘broke’ man vision and together make prosperous couple. Marriage is teamwork not find ready ‘rich’ oppirtunism.

Wife material is a lady that loves and accept me the way I am right now and is ready to build a better future with me. My opinion

Nope a wife material is a lady that knows her self worth so rest.

These men don’t even love themselves when they are broke

Certainly for some, minds are not the same. In fact, It’s one of the qualities of wife material we as man mean patience to correct that not what you think as women

No! It’s a personal choice who to date. If you date a broke guy becoz you love him that’s good as well if you date a rich guy because of love.

Where does the element of being broke become a factor in love? I thought love covers…even a multitude of sins. Love anchors on faith. If one has faith in her choice nothing hinders!!!

Wife material is a woman who puts God first, understanding, caring, smart, humble, supports her man in everything.

It’s not that but every man loves a humble wife nomatter what else she needs along as she is submissive then that’s wife material. In your being submissive u notice your relationship will have less arguments and more love and respect. U wouldn’t want the person u love to strive

Before we say anything a good wife comes from the Lord, He who finds a wife, find a good things, having a good wife it’s favor from the Lord. About being broke it is not permanent so you can work it out. Noone will be broke forever.

Lol most of the good guys are broke and most of the bad guys are rich. As a result, ladies think wife material are supposed to love broke guys, yet in essence its about the goodness of these broke guys.

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