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I am not the Somali man dating Betty Kyallo-Hon Alinur Mohamed

Betty Kyallo and Denis Okari set the internet ablaze this past week after an online confrontation between their proxies Mercy Kyallo and Ken Mijungu.

The resulting fallout roped in an aspiring Kenyan politician named Alinur Mohamed who had been linked to TV girl Betty Kyallo by some curious Kenyan Sherlock Holmes.

Kenyans speculating about Alinur Mohamed dating Betty Kyallo
Kenyans speculating about Alinur Mohamed dating Betty Kyallo

This was after the identity of the mother of one’s new man was first shared online by NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu while defending his friend Dennis Okari against Betty’s insinuation that he was a deadbeat dad.

Alinur has now has distanced himself from claims that he is dating the bubbly media personality.¬†Some even presented proof showing Alinur’s fingers which are seemingly similar to Betty’s new lover whom she has been hiding from the public, save for his hands. With the latest clarification, its back to square one for online detectives.

Betty Kyallo
Betty Kyallo in studio

Alinur admitted he was aware there had been speculations he was Betty’s secret Somali lover but said he was not the said person.

In a tweet seen by on Saturday, January 4, Alinur urged Kenyans to ignore the rumours which he termed “misleading”.

”There has been speculations about my personal life in the past few days. Kenyans are linking me to the Somali guy who was mentioned by NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu in his story that touched on Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari. All these speculations are misleading,” he tweeted.

Alinur Mohamed
Alinur Mohamed

He said he has family that he loves dearly and that people should respect him, Betty, Okari and their respective families.

”The information being spread around lacks facts and is being spread by individuals who have malicious personal interests. My happiness doesn’t come from other people’s misfortune. It’s important that Kenyans know the Truth. I have a family that I love so much. I am therefore asking those purporting that I am the mysterious Somali guy to have some respect for my family, Betty Kyallo’s family, Dennis Okari and myself. Please, I am not the Somali guy,” he added.


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