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Soldier kills 5 women to avenge his wife’s killing

BBC – A soldier in Somalia has avenged the killing of his wife by shooting dead five women related to militant Islamists, an official has said.

He suspected that the women had colluded with the murderers of his wife, who was also a soldier, he added.

Al-Shabab gunmen killed his wife and another female soldier in the small south-western town of Tiyeglow on Tuesday night, the official said.

Al-Shabab is fighting to create an Islamic state in Somalia.

The killing of all seven women has shocked women’s rights groups in Somalia, who have noted that it is extremely rare for so many women to be shot dead, he adds.

Mohamed Abdalla Hassan, a government official in Tiyeglow, said al-Shabab gunmen shot dead the two female soldiers during a hit-and-run raid on Tuesday night.

Government forces then picked up the five women on Wednesday on suspicion of helping the gunmen identify their targets, he said.

As the women were being taken to the police station, the soldier confronted them and shot them dead, Mr Hassan added.

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