Socks to needles and pegs! 17 items we have a hard time finding at home


The mystery of missing pegs, socks, needles and other items in African homes can never be solved.

But honestly where do these pegs go? It seems that whenever you go out to hang clothes, you find half the pack is gone.

Twitter has come up with a list of things that always disappear around our homes, and if this doesn’t happen you are not African. Skip this list.

1. @wondersmg1
When was the last time you bough a set of forks. Go and check right now, how many can you find?

2. @Paht_rick

3. @washout106
Fork and clips

4. @ObajemuJnr
second slippers

5. @chelahngetich

6. @edwardscharles1

7. @Malik_billion
Meat inside pot

8. @AneksOg
Tops. You see that top, if all of dem say is fine, is gone

9. @ObikeZeek
Cutlery, socks, shoelaces…… The list is endless really

10. @Stephen03841528
Lighter and matches

Crockery, teaspoons forks knives glasses

12. @fortunekingspr1
One leg of socks

13. @d_dubyO

14. @phoenix_finesse

15. @brownshugar_
Bobby pins and pencils

16. @Askeni3
Pot covers

17. @thabangrosey_

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