Socialite Vera Sidika holds a colorful baby shower (photos)

Socialite Vera Sidika yesterday held a lavish baby shower.

The exclusive event was attended by a few celebrities and close friends to the couple.

Diana Marua and her husband Bahati attended the event.

Vera looked elegant in the videos dressed in a hot pink off the shoulder dress.

Vera had announced to her fans through social media that she would hold a baby shower.

She has been documenting their pregnancy journey.

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Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo
Vera Sidika with Brown Mauzo

Vera planned for her baby shower as she said she hates surprise baby showers.

She said she didn’t like the idea of letting other people run the show when the event or occasion is about her.

“Me; I hate surprises. I love perfection and must plan every single detail, including the spoons used.

“I dint know how I would feel walking to my surprise party and everything just not as what I would like it to be. Woi. I would definitely be happy for the thoughtfulness. But weeh. I’m just very detailed and such a perfectionist. It’s a Libra thing, I think.”

Sidika added that surprise baby showers are an old school vibe and that all ladies who walk into their surprise baby showers and act surprised are fake because at some point they all anticipate such an occasion.

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