Socialite Vanessa Chettle releases pregnancy photos after giving birth

Vanessa Chettle was the IT socialite back in 2014 with stories of her dating a white ancestor doing the rounds. Since that time, her classmates, that being Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika have transcended the social ladder and have done relatively well for themselves.

Vera in a private plane

Vanessa has been largely invisible what with the above-mentioned socialites taking most of the attention. But this year has given her an opportunity to get back into the collective consciousness of the public. How? The dramatic birth of her baby girl.

Vanessa Chettle
Vanessa Chettle’s baby

She added a few details about her pregnancy recently. This comes after she decided to keep a low profile so as to avoid people from learning about her pregnancy.

Well, she has now shared a photo believed to have been taken when she was just 5 months pregnant.

Judging from her baby bump, it’s obvious to note that it was barely showing but all in all there was a life growing inside her. Chettle is yet to reveal more photos from her pregnancy period, but check out her latest pic below:

Vanessa Chettle

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