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My dowry stands at Ksh 10 million right now! Shakilla says astounding Kenyans

Whoever is mentoring Shakilla in the art of being a socialite is either doing a great job or a bad one-the jury is still out on that one.

For my part, I think that she has done well for herself since she burst onto the scene in mid-2020 if one just looks at the amount of publicity she has been getting since then.

And let’s not lie that publicity(whether negative or positive) is the currency in the socialite-world.

The lady is at it again, yep even making me write about after a long hiatus from this prestigious online destination. Hahaha!

The curvy dark-skinned lady surprised many Kenyans online when she declared how much her parents would be expecting were they to conduct dowry negotiations on her behalf today.

The former Wife Material contestant said that so far she had done a good job making a name for herself, so whoever wants to have her hand in marriage has to have deep pockets to afford her bride price.

The controversial personality posted her message concerning her dowry requirements on her Instagram stories, where she said that her boyfriend would have to pay KSh 10 million as her dowry in the current ‘market’.

And that’s not all! Apparently, that figure still hasn’t taken into account 15 bulls and house shopping not less than KSh 100k.

In her words, she wrote: “If I was to get married right now my dowry would stand at (Ksh) 10 million… Facts, that’s exclusive of the 15 bulls and house shopping of not less than (KSh) 100k.”

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While the socialite who claims to have hob-nobbed with the who’s who’s among male celebrities might be serious( and I seriously doubt that!) in her estimation of herself, one wonders who will conduct the negotiations as she and her father are estranged at the moment.

In a radio interview, Miss Shakilla said that she likes the non-existing relationship she has with her father as it gives her peace of mind, adding that her father doesn’t really understand her.

. ”We had arguments in the house, he kept saying I am disrespectful and I was also saying I have a voice and I needed to be heard and he would say that he is the head of the family and that I should listen to everything that he says,” Shakila disclosed.

Question is; Would you pay Ksh 10 million in bride price for Shakilla?

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