Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has never slept with her son on her bed

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka says she has never slept on the same bed with her one-year-old son Taiyari.

In a recent social media convos with her fans, Kwamboka said she likes having her space while sleeping.

She added that she is a heavy sleeper and she was scared she would roll over and lay on her son.

She said;

“The reason I did not hire a sleep coach is because Tai Tai has never had a huge problem sleeping. From day one he has always slept in his crib.

I am a very heavy sleeper and I like to have space when I am sleeping so I was scared of having him in bed because I thought I might roll over and lay on him,” she said. 

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Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari
Corazon Kwamboka carrying her baby son, Taiyari

Corazon who is currently expecting her second child with fitness trainer Frankie said she is now training her son to sleep by his own.

“I am very gentle with Tai. But on the first night we tried the sleep training, Frankie came home early and I remember Tai cried and I almost cried too.

I wanted to go back and hold him but Frankie told me no, because we were doing this, so I timed myself for three minutes, went and checked on him, we did this four times and the fifth time, he just cried and fell asleep, it took them 15 minutes to put him to sleep,” Corazon said.

After how long did you stop sleeping with your baby?

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