Amber Ray with Jamal

Socialite Amber Ray confirms breaking up with Jamal Marlow

Socialite Amber Ray has confirmed that she has broken up with businessman Jamal Marlow.

In a question and answer session on her Instagram Stories, Amber said she is single.

One fan asked Amber Ray if she is broken by the split, she responded;

“Like I said, I live for now, and life is all about creating memories.”

Amer Ray and Jamal’s first wife have been fighting since she was married as a second wife on social media.

“Actually I was fighting for me, ata sahii mtu akinikanyaga napita na yeye.”

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Amber and Jimal Rohosafi
Amber and Jimal Rohosafi

On returning the vehicle that belonged to the businessman Jamal, Amber said;

“Huko nishatoka, what I have in my life now is 100% mine.”

After social media peeps making Jamal Marlow a headline several times, the businessman made a decision to leave social media saying he wanted to take a break.

”I want to be private for a while. I will be off social media and that is why I have decided to deactivate all my social media accounts.”

Asked if it is because of the pressure that comes from fans who follow the drama that has been going on since he got married to Amber Ray, Jamal said;

”Actually it is what people might think but my reason is to basically concentrate on my business.”

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