So sweet! Amos and Josh’s confession on how Maina Kageni helped them in music

Amos and Josh are back to doing music and have dropped two new songs. The incredible pair is still soaring high and during an interview, the duo revealed that it has not been easy.

Amos and Josh were thrust into the limelight thanks to their endearing show of talent on Tusker Project Fame Season 6 in 2013. They have since grown into recognizable brands in Kenya and East Africa.


New Music Alert: ‘Nerea’ by Sauti Sol Featuring Amos and Josh

“First people think that we got money from TPF, but we actually went home with experience. We had to hustle like any other artiste to create our foundation,” they said, “The first time to heard our music played on radio, we were in church. Imagine we could not believe that our song was already on radio? Then when we released our next single, Baadaye. This time we got people tweeting about the song and then Maina Kageni, heard it and he started playing it at Classic 105. I mean it has been hard but we thank God we are somewhere now,” they added.


They are working on an album to be release in August.

“We have never broken up, but we have been quietly working on our album which we are releasing in August.

We took a break from music but now we are back.”

What have they learnt since they last dropped a song?

“The break was necessary we can say that for now but we will try and explain it through our album. In the music industry there are a lot of voices telling you to do this and that.”

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