Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

“So now you’ve nothing to write about me?” Zari mocks trolls


Diamond Platnumz and his multiple baby mama’s including Zari have been our source of entertainment from December 2020, until the end of January when Kenyan baby Mama Tanasha left Tanzania to return home.

Their high profile relationships and the drama between them has cooled down and Zari has taken note of this. Is she missing the limelight?

We cant help but soak up rumors about Zari and the drama in her life. She is newsworthy and knows it all too well.

And now it’s been well over a week since anyone wrote moshene about her and she is wondering ‘ did the well of information run dry?”

After being in the news for two straight months, and now it’s February and there’s nothing, she seemingly answered to this apparently mocking the persistent rumors. The mother of two even added that ‘tumekaukiwa kama maji ya mtungi”

Zari and Diamonds relationship has been nothing short of smooth-sailing resulting in a breakup in 2018 with a black rose and long message about having had enough.

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