So accurate! Photos of the 7 useless things we all did in our childhood


For instance what was the point of biting the metallic part of a pencil? Did we derive some satisfaction from it?

Many of the responses to these pictures were of people agreeing that they attempted one or even all the things being done in the photos.

The images shared by Twitter handle @NoContextHuman got people excited with one response from @gg_djdb getting nostalgic
“Omg I thought that I was the lone one to do that”

Here are the seven images we managed to pick up:

1.context 1


context 2

3. A Twitter user @tefs1988 agreed that he is guilty of this. He wrote “I did all those.Good times :P”

context 3


context 4


context 5


context 6


context 7

Dear Classic 105 fam, what other meaningless but necessary things did we do in our childhood, that I have left out? Drop your comments below.


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