Slum City: Biggest slums you didn’t know are located in Nairobi – List

Nairobi is known as the ‘City Under the Sun’ but what many people do not know is that it is home to the biggest slums in Kenya.

People living only have their dreams and ambitions to motivate them as even getting food is a struggle.

Here are some of the slums located in Nairobi.

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It is the second largest slum in the world and home to so many people. Most people living here are living in extreme poverty estimated to earn Kshs 100 per day.

Life here is hard with the scarcity of clean water, limited schools, crime rates being high one has to be tough to be able to face all these.


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2. Mathare Valley

It is one of the oldest slums in Nairobi, There are no beds, no electricity, and no running water. People sleep on pieces of cardboard on the dirt floors of the shanties.

There are public toilets shared by up to 100 people and residents have to pay to use them.




Those who cannot afford to pay must use the alleys and ditches between the shanties. “Flying toilets” are plastic bags used by the residents at night, then thrown into the Nairobi River, which is the source of the residents’ water supply.

Life here is also quite hard.

3. Dandora slum

It is an eastern suburb of Nairobi that surrounds neighbourhoods called estates include Kariobangi, Baba Dogo, Gitare Marigo and Korogocho.

Dandora is also home to the largest dumpsite in Nairobi. Crime rates are high around this area and there is also a scarcity of clean water.

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4. Kawangware slum

It is estimated that many people staying here are children and youth. Most of the adults and youth here are self-employed traders since the unemployment rates in Kenya had increased.

There is a scarcity of drinking water since water provided by the local authorities isn’t available every day making the people have to get other means of getting water.



5. Korogocho

Korogocho is in the northeast of the city centre and was founded as a shanty town on the then outskirts of the city.

It has numerous people living there, which shows that rural to urban migration had a great influence on the increase of these slums.



6. Mukuru kwa Njenga

It is a slum in the East of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. It sits in Embakasi Constituency but extends into Makadara and Starehe constituencies. It is one of the largest slums in Nairobi.



It stretches along the Nairobi Ngong river, situated on wastelands in the industrial area of the city between the Outer Ring Road and the North Airport Road and Mombasa road.

Mukuru have villages Mukuru kwa Reuben, Mukuru kwa Njenga, Sinai, Paradise, Jamaica, Kingston, Mariguini, Futata Nyayo and Kayaba.

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