‘I Have Slept Outside The Door For Lack Of Rent’ – DJ Mo Narrates The Hard Times He Went Through To Survive

DJ Mo is among the most celebrated DJs in the country. We have been witnesses to his growth over the years and he’s now among the most sought after DJs.

He is married to the beautiful Size 8 and together, they are blessed with a little angel, Ladasha Belle, who has brought so much happiness in their lives.

size 8 and Dj Mo

His life to the top has not been easy. He has had his fair share of struggles trying to make it in this life of sin.

Well, many might think that DJ Mo woke up and became a successful DJ, who has all the fine things in life, but that’s not the case.

He’s come out to narrate how hard life was, to a point he once slept otside because he couldn’t afford his monthly rent.


God is faithful. One day I will tell you the whole story but first 👇
I grew up in Ocha where I did my Primary Education. We moved to Mathare North. Life in the ghetto pushed us so hard. We then relocated to Kware ghetto in Rongai.
I have walked to town from Githu 44 slept outside the door for lack of rent (my mum doesn’t know this), slept hungry, got expelled like 5 times, studied in 4 different high schools and finalized my form 4 in a day school,” he revealed.

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He continues to explain that he’s been through so much, but he’s grateful to God for holding his hand and showing him better days.


He continued, “I know what life means and I have gone through so much than many can think.
At 30yrs, I have worked really hard to be where I am of course God has been there for me – to a point I have a family now. So, I’d like to encourage young guys out there. It’s possible to achieve what you want if you put God first and focus. Sometimes don’t work smart work hard. Some of the things I have right now were once a dream (na bado sijafika). Always remember to be a giver, be humble, lift others, be happy for others when they get blessed, pray hard and everything else that exalts God.”

The biggest fear I have is pulling others down coz you never know when it might happen to you. One day you or your kids will have to pay for it. Plant a good seed for your kids always.
I share my life with you just to encourage someone. If my life testimony changes only one person and even draws someone to Christ, it’s enough for me,” he concluded.

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