PASTOR IN DOCK: Pastor Patrick Ambani.

“I only slept with the granny,” pastor defends himself

A pastor accused of defiling an 11-year-old girl testified on Friday he only slept with her grandmother — and described a scar near the woman’s navel.

Only her lover would have seen that scar, Pastor Patrick Ambani testified in his own defence in a Kibera magistrate’s court.

The African Divine Church cleric said that when he broke off the relationship, the woman was angry and decided on revenge, to ‘fix’ him by accusing him of defiling her granddaughter.

“Bring her in court now, pull her skirt up, check her waist as go up the umbilical cord [go toward the navel], you will realise she has a scar,” Ambani told a shocked courtroom.

“That is my evidence to prove that I am telling this court that truth as a man of God. How could I know such a mark if I had not slept with her?” he asked.

“I was in love with the minor’s grandmother who was among my church faithful, I slept with her we and did everything together but it all happened in own my house,” he told the court.

He prefaced this by swearing on the Bible, “I do swear that whatever I will say in this court is the truth and absolute truth, so help me God.”

The courtroom was silent, waiting, then he suddenly blurted out his alleged affair with the grandmother and the scar on her body.

He told the court they were lovers for some years but he finally decided it could not continue.

“When I stopped loving her, she felt like the world was ending on her side. She decided she could not survive without me and she decided to fix me in this case. I never defiled her granddaughter as charged,” the pastor said.

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He said that he had never met the granddaughter and never entered her house as accused in court but admitted he was aware of the girl.

Ambani said he did not understand what defilement means.

He said that he was arrested some days after breaking it off with the woman and has been in custody since then as he has not been able to raise the bond.

“The day I was arrested, I woke up early and proceeded to town with my colleagues … for a dowry harambee, returning home at 10.30pm.”

He said neighbours first told him that police were looking for him and he was arrested shortly afterwards.

Earlier the granddaughter testified that the pastor had defiled her many times while her grandmother was away but she chose to be silent. She said she was ‘rewarded’ with Sh50 chips and told not to tell anyone.

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The grandmother told the court neighbours had told her they suspected the pastor was defiling the girl. The girl was treated at Nairobi Women’s Hospital. A report was filed at Kabete police station.

Ambani is accused of committing one offence on July 14, 2 018, at the grandmother’s house.

Kibera senior principal magistrate Barbara Ojoo directed that the trial resume on Tuesday, December 3.


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