‘Sleeping with other people’s men really excites me’ Brags city woman

Have you ever wondered why some women sleep with married men despite being aware of their marital status over and over again?

Well, some do it for fun like in the case of *Nancy.

According to Nancy, the fear of being caught adds a thrill to the relationship.

My name is Nancy and I love to sleep with other people’s men, not because I am cheap or a slut but I just love to have the fear other women have.

I have a well-paid job and I don’t even collect money from these men after [email protected] I just enjoy it.

I just want to have it with any man I feel has a serious relationship especially the ones who brag about it or their wives.

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Just when you think you have read enough Nancy added that she had been doing this for five years.

I have done this for 5 years now and I want to stop it.

I have a relationship too but nothing too serious.

Now I think I am possessed because each thing my mum tells me about how she has been with my dad for years.

When she says that I feel like she is bragging and that thing just comes inside me daring me to sleep with my dad to shut my mum up.

Nancy said she has been to churches but nothing has been done to help her.

I have gone to churches to tell them but they just keep asking me to pray or bring money for the project and all.

I am gradually becoming a slut and I hate myself. How do I stop this habit?

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