From sleeping in class to homework – TBT to high school class moments

High school was fun depending on how gangster you were. For the soft-hearted, it was a boring affair. We had moments we cherished as much as most of them were naughty ones.

1. Sleeping in class


No sleep was great like sleeping on a locker. This feeling sent you into a wonderland. With the surface of the locker being hard, I still never understand how we would fall deep asleep. We are Africans, we are made of steel. We never feared getting punished. To the legends, they slept with their heads in the locker.

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2. Homework

Let’s all agree on this. We hated these loads of assignments which, to be honest never did us any good. We copy-pasted changing a few words here and there to bring out the authenticity of our work.


The teachers were competing on who to give much assignment than the other but we only handled for the tough teachers. They were mostly the Science and Maths teachers.

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3. Class punishments

They ranged from dumb punishments to energy-draining ones. Being asked to stand on top of the locker to kneeling at the back of the class with your hands held high in the air. It was a shameful affair but nonetheless we found fun of these punishments. Been punished gave you a break from the boring class lessons.

4. Sneaking snacks


This was the epitome of being a bad boy. We sneaked foodstuff through the fence and picked the late in the night. No one cared about the expiry date. We sneaked them into the classroom and munched on them without fear. The fact that you had snacks in your locker without the knowledge of the teacher was a heroic feeling. We ensured that the class snitches never had an idea about the sneaked in snacks. They were enemies of fun.

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