‘I am sleeping with 3 other men yet I am married and pregnant,’ brags woman

A city woman has been left in a dilemma after her s#xual escapade ended in a pregnancy and she does not know who is responsible.

*Racheal* who is married has been entertaining three different men without the knowledge of her husband.

She narrates,

I know the drama is too much but please I need advise.

I am a married woman sleeping with three different men, I know you all will judge and call me a slut but that was the only option I had.

This is because my husband cheated on me so I decided to revenge.

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Racheal adds that her situation worsened after her husband confessed that he already has a baby mama and he does not care about her (Racheal) as much.

Now I am pregnant and I don’t know whose it is.

Foolishly for me I have told all three of them including my husband because we don’t have a child yet, only for the useless man to tell me that he has a baby mama and he is sorry .

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Racheal goes on to confess that she does not know how to react to the news that she is pregnant.

I don’t know what to do or how to react to this, I feel like telling him to his face.

That he is not a man but the other guys I am sleeping with don’t have money to take care of this child .

Should I just abort this child and have my peace of mind. Please advise.

What advice can you give Racheal now that her husband is not interested in her pregnancy?

Put your answer in the comment section.

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