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Slay Queen Of The County! Lillian Nganga Was The Show Stopper At Alfred Mutua’s Swearing In

Lillian Nganga brought life and colour to the hubby’s swearing in today in Machakos by slaying, big time.

Alfred Mutua was sworn in at Machakos County governor. The event was attended by the who is who in Machakos, we even spotted rapper Prezzo among the guests.


He gave an inspirations speech.

“When I was 15 years old, I wrote a poem called “River of Life, Thayu.” In the poem, I said that life is like a river-it flows from the mountains, the higher lands and meanders its way to the oceans. As it drifts down, it learns that it is easier to go around a hill than try to push it aside. However, it never loses focus or give up on its journey to the sea. Our lives are like that of a river and today is a testament that if you do not lose focus, if you are committed to a just cause, the journey continues. I am a happy person as I stand here today because God has decided that the journey continues.”


He then bigged-up Lillian and everyone else who was instrumental to his re-election.

“I would like to thank God, my family – Lillian (who campaigned hard). Our children, my parents, sister, relatives, friends, colleagues, supporters – by deed, by forward support and by prayers. I would also like to thank MAENDELEO CHAP CHAP members, candidates and winners. I have to admit that this was not an easy contest. It was a competition between real development liberation and the dark forces of sycophancy and politics of poverty that have made Africa the poorest continent and the laughing stock of the rest of the world. I stand here today so proud of my people of Machakos who have shown that they value their lives and cannot be easily swayed. Our challenges are many and I promise to tackle them.”

Check out how Lillian brought her A-Game on and slayed as the queen of the county.

Alfred Mutua and Lillian

1Alfred Mutua and Lillian



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