Size 8 enjoying some time with her daughter Ladasha and hubby DJ Mo

Size 8’s daughter’s Instagram account hacked, parents reveal


DJ Mo and Size 8 lost access to their daughter’s Instagram page last week. Ladasha’s page had more than 300,000 subscribers.

Speaking to Word Is on Tuesday, Mo said their daughter had started earning from the page as she had endorsed some goods, including clothes and shoes.

“Apart from earning from the page, as parents, we wanted the page to be her album where we can store photos for our daughter,” he said.


Ladasha’s page is the first celebrity page in Kenya to be hacked. DJ Mo made the news public, saying they were trying to get the hacker.

“IG account is nothing. The good thing is there is nothing major they can do with it so long as they have deleted everything,” he said.


Mo said they have a backup of the photos.

“Even when our secondborn comes, we will open a page for them because I don’t see any difference in opening a page for your child and posting them on your page,” he said.

Mo said it is good to create a foundation for your child, especially in this social media generation.

“My daughter is too much in entertainment by the things she does and so we know the page will be useful to her by the time she is 18,” he said.

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