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Size 8 comes clean on rumours that she’s pregnant with a 3rd child

Being a public figure in any part of the world comes with certain positives and negatives. The positives include adulation fame and money, while the negatives are lack of privacy, life under the spotlight and rumours about you constantly.

Size 8 can tell you a thing or two about the negatives with the gospel singer herself and her marriage being a source of much conversation last year.

And the most recent rumour that has been doing the rounds is that she might be pregnant, speculation fuelled by the fact that her tummy looked bigger than usual.

It was earlier reported how some Kenyans were left with the belief that the musician was pregnant after appearing on a TV show with a bulging tummy.

The speculation has become so much that Dj Mo’s wife has come out to shut down the rumours. Speaking to, the singer strongly refuted claims she was pregnant holding that she was only full on the day of the TV show.

”I am not pregnant guys. That day had just eaten too much and I was very full. Can I be pregnant and still dance the way I danced on the show? My mood while pregnant has always been very low,” she said.

It must be noted that Size 8 told her husband that she didn’t want a 3rd child just a few months ago in late 2020. Don’t forget that her second pregnancy was a life-threatening one that endangered both her and the baby.

And right before successfully getting her second-born son, Muraya Junior she had suffered a painful miscarriage. So one can understand why the idea of being pregnant for the entertainer might not be so pleasant for her.

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