Masterpiece with Size 8

What are you singing? Size 8 told after featuring on Masterpieces’ song ‘High bila Ndom’

Size 8 has raised eyebrows after she featured in Masterpieces’ latest song High bila Ndom.

Fans came out in numbers to express their disappointment in Size 8 saying that her music has always inspired and touched people, but this one sounded like a joke.

Size 8 chilling
Size 8 chilling

Some of them started questioning the direction she was taking in her music career since her content was starting to raise eyebrows.

“Aki linet you have always been my best gospel artist, my best woman, my mentor I have been following you everywhere on social media, but this one is a NO to me, you don’t belong here. My opinion though” read one of the comments.

On the other hand, her husband, DJ Mo took to his Instagram to congratulate them for the song, stating that a good gospel song wasn’t determined by the tempo or the genre but by good content.

“A good gospel song is not determined by the tempo or genre but by good content 👍. …..this is 🔥🔥🔥…. Ephesians 5:18 Dont be drunk with wine but be filled with the holy spirit” said DJ Mo.

Lazima uweke Yesu kwa dryspell? Size 8 asked after bedroom advise

Gospel artistes have recently raised concern over the type of messages they spread through their songs. Some have even collaborated with secular artistes, a move that does not sit well with lots of people.

Size 8 and DJ Mo together
Size 8 and DJ Mo together

Here are some of the comments;

ireneawinoogutu Aki I hope she will not continue with this kind of songs, I love this woman but this one is a NO


liz_gathogo Jesus size 8 you are chosen be careful on what you are singing..anyway wacha nikodeshwe na yangu🤔🤔🤔

shalyz6 What is this again??

oisebe_jeniffer Waa hii ni gospel kweli, hata kama 😢

patitimsanii Itachezwa tu si unajua mzee ndo dj!!! No wonder gospel industry inakufa tu

evahailey 😂😂😂😂😂 Waah Aki gospel artists wakenya tuwapeleke wapi benchmarking Aki coz vitu munaimba ata shetani anawashangaa nani anawafunza

lillshish Your wife has been a big inspiration by songs like afadhali yesu,yuko nawewe, arise etc but this one🤦🤦…we need more power as we get more immersed in God’s kingdom,

Naomi Adhiambo How can such songs bring Holy Spirit. Kenyan gospel music.

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