Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Size 8, don’t leave Dj Mo even if he allegedly cheated on you! (opinion)

Size 8 and Dj Mo are probably facing the toughest moment in their married lives, I would wager much worse than the time they miscarried in late 2018.

Of course, for those of you who might be living under a rock, the issue at hand is the salacious allegations that are facing Dj Mo.

A woman named Margaret Wanyama claimed that she and the Crossover101 host had an affair. Her evidence was screenshots of messages the two had exchanged in the past. Some of the messages show the Dj in his birthday suit as he and the socialite exchanged nVdes and dirty talk.

The scandal caught many by surprise as the Dj has maintained a squeaky clean image over the years, although rumours had started popping up the last couple of months over his alleged philandering.

The demure response by the Dj to the allegations might point to the fact that they might be true. And if they are? What next for Size 8?

Interspersed within numerous messages of support for the entertainer on her Instagram page, are calls from fans for the mother of two to move on.

While that might sound smart and judicious, I would advocate for a different course of action, one that is highly controversial and unpalatable for many of you.

But hear me out…

Size 8 should stick with her man. My reasons are below:

-For her children. While Dj Mo might be an alleged philanderer, the man loves his children and tries to be involved in his kid’s lives. Kids do better in a two-parent home according to many studies.

-For her own sake-Moving on as a single mother of two is a tall task. Just ask Maureen Waititu and Betty Bayo. Many prospective husbands will frown on dating a woman who already has kids (baggage in crude language).

-Cheating is a nothing burger-In many African cultures, cheating wasn’t reason enough for a woman to leave her man. Why? The metric that was used for men then was simple?

Was he providing and protecting for his kith and kin? Yes. Was he meeting her s3xual needs? Yes. Was he physically abusing within measure? (this was the past, I will remind you) No. Then what was the problem?

Why DJ Mo will survive the cheating scandal that has rocked his marriage?

She should just tell the Dj to keep his magic stick wrapped and his alleged philandering on the down-low from now on.

-Money-The couple will make more money as the power-couple that they are at the moment than when they are apart. Her staying will cover him and keep the gravy train coming.

My reasons aside, Size 8 will ultimately have to make the choice of whether to stay or leave. And it will come down to the simple calculus-Can she live with this man in the same house as husband and wife anymore?

But what do I know?

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