Size 8 pulls out all the stops for 6th wedding anniversary [VIDEO]

Marriage is not a smooth sail to paradise as many make it seem or look. The Muraya’s will tell you so. It hasn’t been a journey without its challenges and they are thanking their Maker for lessons learnt and the determination to stay together despite it all.

On Weekend Edition that airs on NTV hosted by Dr Kingori, the host asked them about their six years in marriage and what they’ve learnt. He went ahead to ask them if they’ve ever reached a point that they wanted to quit their marriage, and Size 8 went ahead and quickly said,

“Eeeh. Mimi nishai pack.”

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Why did she pack up?

DJ Mo went ahead to reveal that she left because they had a disagreement that led to the move.

“What happened was this one time tumedisagree alafu tumeletana juu mimi nimetoka nimeenda town nimeenda shughuli zangu alafu jioni mimi nakuta nyumba iko sawa lakini kuna nguo sioni hapo zake. Nguo zake haziko hapo sijui kwanini akaishia alafu sikujua ameenda wapi akaenda akazima simu. So apparently akaenda akakomboa nyumba somewhere na akaanza kuishi na akalipa two months. Mimi nilimtafuta for almost a week.”

Dj Mo also revealed details of a second disagreement and he drove off, but he decided to go back home and talk about the issue.

The Muraya’s celebrated 6 years in marriage on Tuesday, and Size 8 pulled out all the stops.

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Imagine it's been 6 years of marriage #TheMurayas TO GOD BE THE GLORY yani time flies like that uuuuuuuuwwwwwwiiiiiiii. Yesterday with the help of @bountifulsafaris we got to celebrate these beautiful journey full of ups and downs. Huyu Mr. Muraya alikuwa amesahau wanaume what's wrong with your memories 🤣🤣🤣🤣 anyway it was great he didn't remember coz I took a chance to just appreciate him being my husband for 6 years by surprising him coz he always surprises me 😂😂😂……… I got some not really good news today but watching this clip has given me some strength to go on fight on and keep the faith…….. Father Lord the glory belongs to you for the battle is yours………… love you 🥰❤😍💝💞💗@djmokenya. Swity God did it once He shall surely do it again. Amen!!!!!!!!! @ladashabelle @jozie_n.k @djray_kenya @hustler_in_christ @mcpricekenya @kijanapatpat @nishasurbankitchen switheart the cake was not only beautiful but tasty thanks darling. @dream_gown_rentals I loved the beautiful gown. Mummy you always make me feel like a princess God bless you. @infinity_clix you do the best videos and pictures thanks for helping me capture the moment

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Size 8 surprised her husband Dj Mo courtesy of bountiful safaris to a candlelit dinner by a pool at some hotel not known to us. The setup took Mo by surprise for he had forgotten the special day.

This did not bother mama Ladasha because her husband is a man full of surprises and this time around it was her turn to pull one for hubby of 6 years and counting.

She was dressed in a wedding gown to commemorate the day she walked down the aisle.

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