Size 8 Pens Down A Beautiful Message To Her Late Mother

This year has been a year of blessings for gospel singer Size 8. Her light continues to shine wherever she goes due to her undying dedication to serving God all the days of her life. She lives by his word and tries to also share his word with her fans, family and friends.

This year she landed a mega deal with a diaper brand as the brand ambassador, then also became the host to Kiss TV’s The Search. She is clearly giving her peers a run for their money.

Size 8 New Photos

Apart from all that, her precious daughter, Ladasha just turned one and she was more than happy to share photos of the party with her followers on social media.

But as she celebrates her daughter’s milestone, she also remembers the passing of her dear mother who died even before she saw Ladasha’s face. It was a really tough time for Size 8 as she was really sick and her baby was not very healthy.

She has penned down a beautiful message to her mother since it’s been a year since she passed on.


She wrote, “I posted this pic exactly one year ago this was one of the most confused and emotionally twisted time of my life. How did i even get thru it it must be the grace of God. I lost you mum i never even got a chance to even burry you. Sorry mum i was too sick to travel and @ladashabelle was born so under weight she couldnt travel also. I wish you could see her now she is grown. You were the person who was concerned about her and prayed for her the most even when the devil wanted to take her life but yet you never saw her. Your prayers reached heaven coz this baby is just a blessing. I cant stop crying coz i miss you so much. You were such a mighty woman of God you taught me how to pray and perserve you gave me so much wisdom. Love you always.”

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