Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

“Did you cheat on her?” Dj Mo responds to troubling accusation

Size 8 and DJ Mo are in possibly the worst period of their marriage. The Christian couple have been rocked by rumours that Dj Mo has been philandering around, something their latest show Dine withe the Muraya’s touched on this week.

In the episode, the couple’s spiritual parents have a sit-down with the couple so they could deal with their mounting issues.

During the episode, the Deejay gave his side of the story saying that all the cheating rumours had started after Size 8 unfollowed him on her Instagram page.

The man of God inquired whether he had actually cheated? Dj Mo said, “Sasa nitacheat aje? anajua. si umeskia amesemaa…Hakurudi home hio jioni. alienda kwa hotel na mbeshte zake na kesho yake akaniunfollow instagram. after that, blogs started writing stories that I had cheated and that’s why she unfollowed me.”

Adding,  “Alizima simu na hakuwa ana reply to my messages. Nilikuwa nafikiria nisiapologise na tuachane. Sijui kama tutaendelea na hii story. Mdomo kama hornbill ameshout hata sijui nitatokaje nje ya hii gate. Imecreate fracas mpaka kila mtu anajua nimecheat na nimefanya nini.”

Why DJ Mo will survive the cheating scandal that has rocked his marriage?

While he might have been upset about how his wife was behaving, Pastor Chege advised the Dj to relax and to sort out their issues telling him that no marriage is perfect.

While Dj Mo might have tried to come off as the innocent party in the whole issue, the latest expose’ by Edgar Obare has tarnished that image.

Maybe, Size 8 had already seen the smoke well before the public had seen the fires and he thought he could do some damage control with the episode.

But Margaret Wanyama came along…

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