Ati 18k! Kenyans in shock about Size 8 and DJ Mo’s exclusive Christmas event

Size 8 and Dj Mo might be coming from the most difficult period in their 6 year marriage but that doesn’t mean that that fact is holding them back.

The couple which was rocked by a cheating scandal a few months ago seems to be rebounding from it, that’s if one looks at their recent social media post.

The two have started promoting an exclusive event that will feature the two of them. The event will take place at the coast on Christmas Day.

The event dubbed  The Murayas Concert- Xmas at Paradise will see those interested in spending time with the celeb couple have to divvy up close to 19k for that pleasure.

Will a new pregnancy save Dj Mo and Size 8’s marriage?

Yes, you read that right. Anyone who wishes to attend the concert will have to spend KSh 18,800 for the exclusive event, per head.

The amount, according to the poster, will pay for the hotel room which will be shared by two, breakfast, lunch, dinner plus the main event.

While Size 8 and Dj Mo might have the best intentions that doesn’t mean that Kenyans didn’t have some questions for them?

Like what would they learn from a couple that had issues in their own marriage? Others felt that it would have been wise for the celebs to instead spend time fixing their own marriage and others opined that the figure been touted was too exorbitant.

What do you think yourselve?

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