Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

Size 8 discloses why she stood with DJ Mo despite cheating drama

Church minister in training and gospel star Size 8 has proved to be a strong woman. Her hubby, DJ Mo was recently exposed for cheating on her with another woman.

The couple has finally ironed out their issues and is back together.


Speaking to his wife while cruising in the Indian Ocean, DJ Mo promised to always be there for her.

‘I’ll always be the best dad to our kids,’ he said.

Excited Size 8 showered her hubby with love, revealing why she has always stood with him no matter the drama or indiscretions.

‘I want to thank you for being a good father. You’re an amazing father and that is why most people don’t understand why I stand with you so much. You have a very big heart. You help even if they wrong you, you still there for them. You’re always there and for that reason, I want to always be there for you. I pray we have many more years,’ she explained.

DJ Mo and Size 8 recently celebrated their seventh marriage anniversary and renewed their vows while on the yacht.

‘I pray that God may grant us more years together, with peace and this is just our beginning. we have learnt a lot and the God who started this marriage is faithful and will complete it. Thanks for being the dad, husband you are. You have done a lot and thanks for giving us a good Life. God bless you,’ the mother of two told her husband.

The disc jockey, on the other hand, thanked his wife for being supportive.

‘I promise to always be the best and a good husband to you. Thank you so much for always understanding me, always coping up with my craziness…but all in all standing with me, being there for me and always encouraging me. Together we will. make it. Love you.’

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