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By the time I was leaving Hillcrest, I was a bad girl – Size 8 tells Churchill

Linet Munyali aka Size 8 was a guest on comedian Churchill Ndambuki’s show. The mother of 2 was a ball of fun as she spoke about various areas of her life.

One of them, was her experiences in high school. You see before her turn as a gospel artiste the singer was a wild one at heart.

Size 8 explained that she had almost lost a scholarship due to partying. Linet told Churchill that she had earned a scholarship to State House Girls before moving to Hillcrest due to her performance in the arts.

At Hillcrest, I got the biggest shock of my life as I used a matatu to go to school while some students used choppers. I felt very inferior as I could not speak good English and even expressing myself was a problem. I was very bright and even the teachers noticed my performance was good.

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But her teachers were a great encouragement as they told her that she break out of her shell and become more aggresive, thus becoming the loudest and popular student in school.

I knew how to dance and so my friends started inviting me to parties to make it lively. I became so popular in school and started going out to have fun.

The celeb who is married to Dj Mo recounted how she partied in most of the party joints in Nairobi, and her grades in school started dropping.

“I almost lost my scholarship as my grades started going down. By the time I was leaving Hillcrest, I was a bad girl and left my innocence at the school. Yani niliacha Yesu shule,” she said.

Fortunately, Size 8 good grades and got admission to a good varsity but her parents could not afford the fees.

“I was to attend Manchester University but we did not have money for my fees and my father told me my brothers were also in school,” she said.

But that dissapointment would not stop the singer from succeeding as a singer but changed course from being a secular artiste to becoming a gospel musician.

Her reason was that she wasn’t fulfilled anymore and fell into depression. Her first hit song after getting saved was the popular and catchy “Mateke”.

“I was so excited and I didn’t think anyone would notice it. ‘Mateke’ was trending everywhere with people having their own opinions, and that broke my heart. I got so much hate on social media and that is when people started judging me and expecting me to backslide. Some even gave me hours,” she said.

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