Diana Marua and Bahati

“My sister is not good for you,” Diana Marua tells Bahati

Diana Marua has warned her hubby Bahati against keeping her sister Val as the singer’s PA. This was after Bahati revealed on his reality show that he had fired his former PA.

Well, Diana thinks her sister Val is unprofessional and should be shown the door.

Marua told her hubby that, “I really want you to let Val go as your PA. Like umtoe EMB. I’m not saying that in a bad way Val imefika point I don’t think she sees how things work. She there with you misbehaving. I just feel like she is not professional.”

Adding “Val is my sister and I’d feel bad to know that my sister ako tu mahali hana job. But there’s a reason I’m telling you she’s not the best person for you. Acha aende atafute job place ingine. Look for another P.A”

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

In her defence, Bahati says Val is strict and that she puts everyone where they are supposed to be. He then refused to listen to his wife’s advice

“Firing Val is a no at the moment,” said Bahati

Bahati and Diana started their reality show to give a glimpse of their lives to their fans.

Bahati with Diana Marua
Bahati with Diana Marua

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