Sister of House of Horrors mother claims their own mom let a ‘rich pedophile abuse them

The sister of the House of Horrors mother-of-13 claims their mother let a rich pedophile rape them for cash when they were children.

Louise and David Turpin face 50 charges after their children aged two to 29 were found starved and chained to their beds in their Perris, California home.

Teresa Robinette, 37, said her mother Phyllis Robinette effectively ‘sold’ her and Louise to a wealthy man to be frequently abused.


‘He would slip money into my hand as he molested me. I can still feel his breath on my neck as he whispered ‘be quiet’,’ she told The Sun.

‘We begged her not to take us to him but she would simply say: ‘I have to clothe and feed you’. Louise was abused the worst. He destroyed my self-worth as a child and I know he destroyed hers too.’

Ms Robinette last month said she was shocked by the disturbing allegations against her sister and brother-in-law and had no idea the children were being abused.

Robinette said she always thought of Turpin as a ‘good girl’ who never drank, did drugs or smoked – and rarely even swore, Fox reported.


She never for a moment considered that her sister could be capable of such horrific cruelty, but did wonder why she distanced herself from her family.

She said that she met the couple’s four eldest children in person, the rest she only saw over video chat, and as the years went on even that dried up.

‘I don’t even know if you can say any of us had a relationship with the children,’ she said. ‘Never in a million years had we thought she was abusing the kids.’

‘It came to a point when eventually she stopped letting them all come together. She would send a couple ones in, then send them out, and then get a couple more to come in. It got really strange.

‘Then she would just start making up excuses of why she couldn’t video chat. She would say: ‘David and I are just so busy with 13 kids, we will get to it this weekend.


Ms Robinette said that she and her half-brother tried to make plans to come and visit Louise so they could get to know their nieces and nephews, but somehow those plans were always cancelled.

‘She would always come up with an excuse that something happened, that she had a bad dream about the flight, one of the kids got sick.

She made up a big elaborate story about one of the girls who got into trouble with some friends one night, so she and David were aggravated.

‘Everything she told us was a lie.’

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