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Sisi ndo tuko! Woman’s rant on broke unromantic Kenyan men goes viral

Weekends are those days Kenyans spend reflecting on their baes or lack of relationships.

It hurts and one Kenyan lass thought it wise to express her opinion on just how Kenyan men don’t have a romantic bone. She also added that they are broke, and this was a conversation on Classic 105, where Maina told Kenyan women to avoid broke men who he said ‘will waste your time’.

So yes, her sentiments are in the right forum.

But men would not take her comments lying down. They came for her swiftly, saying her comments are misplaced.

Twitter user @Wahetoh shared her opinion on men saying

Kenyan men are the most broke men worldwide, plus they ain’t romantic.

She added a Pouting face emoji which resulted in all manner of responses below.

We unadate wasee wa nduthi unamake assumptions

It’s will be good enough to create your own,
another thing how much do you have for you wanting a Kenyan man with money,have your own cash and be romantic then find a partner with same qualitiesupset kid meme

Sorry, your sample field failed you. We are still many.

They aren’t romantic to u..maybe wewe ni mtaro


Men are not broke, we spend where we see value in

I wish you were beautiful,,, lakini on’gong’o ni nani
ati they ain’t romantic… Shenz weweshocked meme

Najua unataka wale wa beb nmekutumia 10k ya shopping but wale wa kuja na farr yako ntakurwfund ndo tuko,

Sisi ndotukoo

Inauma but itabidii uzoe juu sisi ndio tuko

Sisi ndio tuko

Usijali sisi ndo tuko, ama you want to marry joe biden

Lakini ni sisi tu ndio tuko

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