Single People Hate Being Among These Kinds Of Couples

We all have people or rather couples that we know who are annoying to be around because of the way they behave. It doesn’t mean that we are jealous of them, but we get it that you are in love but some habits are not pleasing to anyone but rather irritating.

If you notice that your friends no longer want to hang around you, then maybe you belong to a certain class of couples that many people avoid. Here is a list:

1. The PDA Couple – Making out is not bad, in fact it’s allowed but you have to consider the environment you are in. Being in love doesn’t give you permission to shove your tongues inside each other’s mouths and be all over each other at the restaurant, coffee shop or the movies etc where other people are. There’s a time and place for everything you can do all that in your house.

2. The show off couple – Whatever happens between the two of you should stay between you. The rest of the world does not need to know where you are going, what you are doing, the food you eat all the time. And yes we are happy for you but we don’t need info that is irrelevant to us. Let’s talk about things we have in common like sports, cars, music or even news. Talking about your relationship all the time bores us to death especially on days that we have issues to deal with, rubbing your happiness on our faces makes us sick.

3. The Putting on a show Couple – You have friends that you talk to when you feel like your man has irritated you or has done something wrong. So technically we know when you are having issues. No one is happy when others are sad or in pain unless you don’t wish them well. But seeing as we know your issues there’s no point pretending to be happy for the cameras when you are clearly not and on that note why are you still together if you keep complaining about them?

4. The On-Again, Off-Again Couple – We are tired and very confused about your relationship status. One minute you are dating the next you are exes. As friends we will take you out for drinks to help you de-stress and cry out the break up. But the moment it turns into a second and third time, we will be done and out. Learn to sort out your mess.

5. The Cupids – Just because I’m single doesn’t mean I want to be hooked up. As a couple you get to enjoy things in twos and as a single I get to enjoy them alone or with a friend. But that doesn’t mean that I am lonely so stop trying to hook me up with your friends, cousins, colleagues etc.

6. The “We” Couple – This is when a couple have grown together into one single human being. You happen to be buddies with the girl but when an invite comes along it’s “we want you to come with us to the park, movies , swimming etc” They come as a pair in everything they do and you will be the third wheel up until you get a partner. While it’s fine to be in love, I want my girls’ time with my girl and that doesn’t include your man.

7. The Drama team – This happens to be the worst of the bunch and you would totally hate to be caught up between them because you will always be the referee. One minute they are in love all happy, chatting and smiling. The next moment their voices are raised while trading insults or worse, exchanging blows and kicks amidst tears. Sort out your mess in private please. It’s not a good look.

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