Singer Vivianne on whether she has ditched secular music

Singer Vivianne for the first time opened up on rumours she has quit being a secular artist.

In an exclusive interview with Classic 105, the mother of one said she has never felt like there is a line between gospel and secular music.

While responding to queries by fans after she recently released a gospel jam dubbed ‘Nimechoka na Kugambo.’

“The song is an honest conversation with God.

By the time my team and I were working on it, we wanted a song that would speak to the hearts of people.

People are broken, there are heightened cases of suicide, brokenness, loneliness, broken families

All those are because people are empty and ill-informed as they are feeding on the wrong sources.

There is a lot of hurt going on.”

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Explaining if she has quit secular industry, Vivianne explained;

“I have never felt like there is a line between gospel and secular, I feel we just impose pressure on people.

It’s like it’s illegal for someone who sings love songs to sing for God and vice versa.

It does not make sense because people feel like they are held in a ‘jail’ and most people (gospel) have broken away from that ‘jail’.

Most of these artists are imperfect and very young. I have come of age where I can express a genuine love for God.

So I am neither a secular nor a gospel artist.”

Check out her new jam ‘Nimechoka na  Kugambo’ below;

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