Singer Vivianne considers doing gospel music after introspection

Singer Vivianne has hinted via a lengthy post on Instagram that she might quit the secular world.

Vivianne also shared the challenges she’s faced among them struggling with alcoholism and emotional stress.

Check out her post;

“Many are the times you will ask someone if they’ve had a peaceful day and it is almost impossible to get a solid YES.”
“Many will tell you they are having money challenges, career challenges, family challenges, health challenges. There’s always something and that’s how the world is.”

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Vivianne posing
Vivianne posing

She added:

“The book of Philippians 4:7 says “And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall guard your hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus. I am on a new journey rediscovering myself through a renewed relationship with God. I was bound by many negative things like many glasses of wine lol, negativity, self-disqualification, pointing fingers.”
She admits the journey offers her a new experience which has resulted in her having peace and joy in her heart and she hopes to become a better version of herself.
“The path I am on is something I have never before experienced. I have peace in my heart and joy in my spirit. I am not perfect neither am I seeking perfection. But if I can have peace so can you who is reading this. Tuzidi kuombeana maisha mema. #Godislove #ViviLove

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