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Singer Nameless celebrates his dad as he turns a year older

Singer David Mathenge alias Nameless is celebrating the birthday of his dad who turned 86 years today.
The father of two also celebrated his nephew’s birthday saying he felt blessed to celebrate two special people in his life.
On his Instagram, Nameless wrote;
“My dad turns 86 and my nephew Mathenge turns 18. They share a birthday and I feel blessed to celebrate my dad and my son today!
Help me wish Mathenge Sr and Mathenge Jr a happy Birthday.”
In 2020, Nameless’ father underwent successful brain surgery and a hip replacement.
Speaking to Word Is, Nameless said although the issue was supposed to be private, he chose to speak out to show gratitude.
“Some things we must be grateful for them. My dad is 84 years old and so overcoming that means a lot to us as a family,” he said.
“He was a bit weaker, especially although he is usually a very strong person but you see him getting weaker over time.”
Nameless says his father’s health started deteriorating very fast and at some point, he could not work. They became worried and thought he was falling into depression.
“He could not walk. One side of the eye was also not working. He had some blood clots in his head that caused some minor strokes,” he said.
A few months ago this year, Nameless’s father visited his eldest brother, Fafa Mukuru.
Nameless said that the family set aside three days for his dad in which he met his siblings in their homes.
“Today was the final day since Friday for taking my dad around Nyeri to meet all his surviving siblings. Today we took him to meet his eldest brother, Fafa Mukuru. As you can see when it comes to brothers hugging is a no! Men don’t hug. But you could feel the love and respect between them his elder brother is 96 years and his dad is 86,” Nameless wrote.

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