Singer Majirani promises to be bigger in new album ‘Adventures of Majirani’

Former Grandpa record singer Majirani has released his album ‘Adventures of Majirani’.
Majirani says the album consists of all the songs he has done since 2013.
Speaking about the album, he has also promised to fully take control of his music and produce more.
‘A number of  you have been following my music life on this platform since i begun back in 2013 , there have been times you guys knew i wasn’t okay,  I also never stopped showing u when i was happy it has been 7 years of mixed fortunes
Exactly a year ago on a day like this u all remember i had gone back to the streets scavenging for food, some cried and offered their help, most of u wanted me back on my feet am happy things worked out for me, my come back has seen me release two big songs.
Chepukati ft sailors saa ngapi ft babu gee the songs are doing well thanks to you.
He added;
Today am writing this while sitting here on bed thinking about you, i have never been so happy in my life, imagine this , writing big songs  topping music  charts and when asked about how much your music is making you are like “i will ask my agent” i mean u don’t even know and the same agent  doesn’t care to let u know the progress , he cant give you access to your your royalties and any other earnings …this is the only reason i stopped writing music forget the rest of the stories u hear ..i mean how will u be putting your energy where u cant havest ? It just never worked out for me ..i had to quit
Am so happy to let u know that from today i have officially taken over the full control of my music and with  your support i can guarantee you a good year ahead as my fan , you will see growth your support wont go in vain , scroll down here and listen to my ep containing all Majirani songs that u missed 

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