Singer Juveh Spills The Beans On What He Has Been Up to Since He Left Tusker Project Fame

Former Known Tusker Project Fame season four contestant Juvenalis Amonde is on the move after leaving TPF to becoming a Kenyan star and an actor. He also does jingles and voice overs

The Ndani Ndani hit maker is a father to Letisha and a husband. Always down to earth at the same time humble.

So, what has he been up to since he left the reality talent search show?

“I have been doing a lot of music and acting. I used to act in a programme at KBC and Maisha Magic. I do a lot of live bands, covering songs and performing at corporate functions. Being a husband and a father is a good feeling though it comes with challenges but its good. Music pays because that is what pays for my shelter,” Juveh said.

The Ndani Ndani song is based on his true love story from how he met with the love of his life and her decision to stay in his life. This is what motivated him to stick to the mother of his child who back then was a girlfriend and the two are so much in love.

Ever since the show ended, he has been keeping in touch with some of the contestants mostly Steve and Amelina and currently he is working with Doreen Nyawera who was also a contestant in the Tusker Project Fame season 5 to release a hit collabo.

Speaking on the issue about the show ending here is what he said:

“Inaweza kuwa poa karudi but they know why they had to exit. Pengine ni juu show ilianza kuenda chini ama walipata tu challenges zao. But ilikuwa ni platform poa juu walikuwa wanakuinua na wanakuwacha uendelee kujitafutia. The lesson i learnt ni kutake criticisms.”

Juveh has done jingles and voice overs including the IEBC song Chagua Kenya Unayoipenda and Bonyeza Bonyeza sometime back. He has a clothing line that designs jumpers and t-shirts with his logo and name.

Finally, Juveh said that he will be releasing two single songs titled Misunderstandings and Piki Piki Ponkey saying that  his motivation to writing his songs is life situations, what he has gone through in life and people close to him.

Check out his latest song:




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