Singer Habida Sheds Tears In Emotional Tribute To Her Late Father

Habida Maloney has penned a bitter open letter to cancer.

The popular singer lost her father to the deadly disease three years ago. To pay tribute to him she released a single dubbed Hurt So Bad.

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Habida has also made bausss moves. Recently she performed at the NBA Africa Games 2017 in South Africa. She termed this opportunity as “God is good”.

Check out the video below.

On a more solemn note, singer Habida penned a letter to Cancer, a disease that took “away my father for good. You are a visiter not invited, it’s amazing how you welcome yourself into homes, relationships, and persons where you’re not wanted, how rude!”

She added, “I will go right into it, why, why, why did you feel the need to pick my father? Did he eat wrong? Did her stress too much? Didn’t you care that he was always there for his family, friends and those he taught? Didn’t you care that he made a difference in the world, and that my sister, mother and I still needed his love?

Cancer, tell me, how do you pick your victims? Do you look for those who didn’t think of you, those who neglected your advances? Another thing why do you have to be so violent? Why do you attack the very insides of those you pick? Even if you wanted to claim your victim couldn’t you do it with love, so that you wouldn’t also claim your victims loved ones by leaving them with such painful memories?”

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The long emotional letter concludes with “I will pray, I will work out, I will eat right, I will mediate, I will be happy, I will try my best not to stress about things, and if there is more research done and new ways to avoid you I will do it.

And lastly cancer I just want you to know that you don’t win! I have finally come to a place of faith in my God, that my father is now happy in heaven with our Lord. And here on earth my mother smiles again and my sister is taking life into her own hands and is working to be a great teacher as my father was! And I, well I am doing fine, I have a family, a career, and beautiful children who I have a chance to show and talk to about their Grandfather, and I will teach them the love he taught me. So see, you don’t win!”


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