Singer Dela Reveals If She Would Date a Younger Man, And How Many Kids She Plans To Have In The Future (EXCLUSIVE)

Adeline Maranga aka Dela is known for her Swahili rendition of American singer Adele’s Hello cover, which received massive feedback and recognition worldwide, putting Kenyan music on the world map.

The Taurus Musik signed singer has a very catchy and mellow voice that reflects in her music, with some of her hit songs including; Mafeelings, Adabu featuring H_art The Band and Nakuahidi with former Israeli deputy ambassador turned singer, Gilad.

Dela is no doubt very talented and at the moment, she’s one of the most celebrated and budding female artistes in Kenya, for her unique Afro-Pop style, vocal prowess and writing skills.

Dela has managed to keep her private life under wraps since her career debut and prefers to talk about music, and recently she released her second album, which was followed by her birthday celebrations.


Well, recently, Dela has been linked to a certain Kenyan rapper by the name Timmy Tdat, who was dating a fellow female rapper a few months ago, Kush Tracey.

During another interview back in 2016, Dela had revealed that she’s not dating anytime soon, which got me wondering, did that change after meeting this crooner Timmy Tdat.

Well, I recently spoke to Dela, to get her comments on whether she’s really dating or still single, how many children she would like to have when she settles down, if she would prefer a lavish wedding or simple one at the AG, if she would date a younger man and the worst pick-up line she’s heard from a man.


Here are the answers as Dela decided to get candid about her personal life;
1. Last year you said you don’t have time for relationships.. but there are rumors you dating a Kenyan rapper, is this true?

No, I’m still very single.

2. How many kids would you love to have when you settle down?

I’d feel very blessed with just one. But two feels right. Also, you never know. Some bridges are crossed when they’re reached.

3. Would you prefer a lavish white wedding or a simple one at the AG?

Something in between. A simple white wedding. I want my close friends and family present if/when I say I do.

4. Would you date a younger man than you?

I would. Some younger guys have a better head on their shoulders and more to offer that some older ones.Type a message

5. Which is the worst pick up line a man has ever told you?

“My wife loves you.”


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