Simple ‘yet crucial’ rule of thumb for cooking

The first? Never fry naked

As simple as it may sound, many people do forget simple safety measures in the kitchen.

‘Along the same lines, wear shoes. Dropping a knife blade down or a boiling pot of noodles on your bare feet is no good,’ one man wrote on Reddit.

‘A dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp blade,’ one chef wrote.

Other popular tips included adding salt per taste, add more butter if in doubt, avoiding over seasoning and mastering prep.

‘Cooking is 90% prep, 10% execution. By the time you’re ready to start cooking, pretty much everything should be laid out for you in the order and fashion that you want to use it,’ a chef explained.


– Clean up as you go

– Natural chicken or vegetable stock is better than artificial stock

– You can always add more salt, but never take out salt

– Unless it’s a dessert, it needs garlic

– Master cooking eggs and you can cook anything

– Underdone veggies are better than overdone veggies

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