It’s been a case of “same old gifts just a different day “ over the years in terms of what to get your man for a perfect gift.

It could be on his birthday or the festive season.  Most men will tell you for free, they are tired of the normal shirt, watch, socks, and vests and undergarments kind of presents. It is tough in getting it right when it comes to what gift to get him.  This Christmas however, ladies, try and be a little more different and think outside the box for a minute. Here are some of the simplest Christmas gifts to get your guy this festive.

  1. A good classy customized shave- get him that full grooming kit with different clip-in tools from hair to a nose trimmer.
  2. Good aftershave, beard conditioner and organic beard oils- any modern man will definitely appreciate this. It enhances his appearance, makes him feel good and feel cared for
  3. Cool sunglasses- a pair of cool sunglasses will work well for him. It will help him when stepping out of the house on a sunny day or when driving under the scorching sun.
  4. Carphone older- surprise him with this car accessory. it is hands-free and thus easy to use when driving either for checking directions and calls.
  5. A charging station- it will help him conveniently charge his gadget, for example, his laptop, tablet and his multiple phones without tangling the cords.
  6. Bluetooth headphones- in case your man is a work out freak, you can get him Bluetooth headphone this Christmas. The headphones are wireless and convenient for the gym, a run or a bike ride.
  7. A grill set- well this is a perfect gift this Christmas, with the celebratory mood, this will make a perfect gift for him just in case he decides on throwing a BBQ party for his friends on a weekend.
  8. An all-inclusive travel pack- he automatically needs this. Make sure you make his travel as comfortable as it can be by getting him the right neck pillow, eye mask, comfortable slippers, warm hands gloves and earplugs.


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